Génératrice Drummond

A Powerfull Solution for Agricultural Facilities

AgriculturalIn order to maximize your yield and minimize your losses, you need a reliable partner who is focused on your success. Not only can we offer generators to cover the needs of large hog or poultry facilities, we have also assembled a number of PTO Drummond generators at our plant since 1993.

Our first-class services allow you to optimize the cost-effectiveness of your generator set and minimize maintenance costs.

A Power Solution for Agricultural Facilities

Our wide range of generators will meet the requirements of all types of farm facilities while letting you benefit from technological advances, such as:


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Customized solutions, standard generator sets and standby power for your equipment - we offer advice and solutions tailored to suit the needs of your business.

We will advise you according to the intended use, your budget and your energy needs.

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