Génératrice Drummond

Our Service, Your Peace of Mind

Your time is precious, and so is your peace of mind. 

Each hour of production is important. To reduce the overall downtime of your production and achieve the best possible performance in the long term, trust in a team of experts who will support you long after your equipment purchase.

Whether you need advice on designing a system, drafting a call for tenders or maintenance of generators or fire pumps, we're here to help!

Our turn-key services and parts inventory will allow you to really focus on your business.

Our Distinctive Advantage: Personalized Service

Your organization’s profitability is important to us.

Our skilled technicians’ proactive approach means that you can rely on your generator while minimizing maintenance costs.

In addition to providing efficient service and expert interventions, our experienced technicians are known for their savoir-faire and professionalism.

A Wide Range of Services

Regular maintenance of your generator is essential to ensure its reliability and profitability. Our preventative maintenance program ensures dependability and optimum performance of your generator in addition to reducing its operating costs.

To allow you to take full advantage of your equipment, we offer a wide range of services:

Take advantage of our rental generators to ensure the integrity of your facilities during maintenance work.

Emergency Service Available, Always

No matter where you are in Québec, we are available and dedicated 24/7/365.

All of our service trucks have a wide range of guaranteed parts on board, meaning your operations will get back to normal faster, every time.

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