Génératrice Drummond

Our Turn-key Services

Look no further for a partner who will support you during the system design, tender drafting, equipment purchase and after-sales support. As a member of the Corporation des maîtres-électriciens du Québec (Québec Corporation of Master Electricians), our proficient staff offer a wide range of services.

Our generator rental services support any major maintenance, or other specific needs, to keep your power running strong.

Our Engineering Department

Our engineering support service is available for your large-scale needs. We have the knowledge to properly analyze your needs and offer solutions tailored to your application.

We offer a full range of engineering services, such as:

Whether you want to optimize your energy efficiency, comply with environmental standards, or design the most efficient system possible in accordance with your budget, we have the power solutions.

Our Service Technicians

Known for their know-how and efficiency, these true professionals are located throughout the province.

They are certified by manufacturers for the following tasks:

Additionally, our technicians produce quality reports that will meet your needs, and those of your insurers.

Emergency Service Available, Always.

We are available 24/7 to get your unit up and running sooner.

Contact us today to see how our turn-key services can provide your power solution.

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