Génératrice Drummond

Powering the Information Age

Data CentreGénératrice Drummond is a trusted name for data centre power up. We have the necessary power to keep your operation running smoothly while mitigating energy fluctuations. Not only can you feel confident hosting client data, but our sound-proofed shelters help to comply with noise regulations, allowing you to operate data centres in both urban and industrial areas.

Whether you’re at the design stage of your power system, or at the purchase and commissioning of a new one, our specialized engineering team is there to guide you into the right power solution for your data centre.

Our expert service team will always:


Emergency Service Available, Always.

Wherever you are, you can count on us 24/7/365.

Our experienced project engineering team has extensive expertise in the adaptation of generator sets and transfer switches and is there to assist your technical team and ensure the project remains on budget.

Contact us for power solutions specific to your data centre’s requirements.

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